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Tame the Hunting Dogs

Catch 10 Bone Chompers.

- Collect Captured Prey 10x

Görev İçeriği:

Have you seen the amazing hunting skills of the Bone Chompers? They lead their prey to terrain where there a lots of holes. Then they pounce after the prey has fallen in one of these holes. One can't help but admire such a clever hunting method!

If we could catch a few and tame them to become hunting dogs, then they would be a great help to us.

If you can, take this trap, catch some weakened Bone Chompers and bring them back to me. It doesn't matter if their male or female, young or old. As long as they're Bone Chompers, they are useful.


What happened? If the Bone Chompers aren't weakened somehow, they can't be caught!


This is fantastic! Wait until I tame them. I believe these clever hunting dogs will ensure that our village has delicious things to eat every day of the week!


Deneyim: 216026

Para: 3573 Altın

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Quick Facts

Req. Level:63